Non-Competitive Teams

1.   Player age: Age 4 up to 19 years of age

2.   Player must have registration form signed by parent or legal guardian, along with
media release.

3.   Each player must be covered by insurance and policy copied to Miracle League

4.   Each player receives a team uniform and baseball hat.

5.   Each player gets to bat each inning.

6.   Each player gets to circle the bases to score a run each inning.

7.   Every player scores and is never called “out.”

8.   Two innings per team per game.

9.   Game time=1 hour and 15-20 minutes.

10. Each player has an assigned buddy for each game.

11. Teams consist of no more than 12/13 players.

12. Each player receives a trophy at the end of the season.

13. Teams use 9in. soft-core safety baseballs with synthetic cover or woffle balls may be
used. There is also available a special ball for the blind.

14. Games will be cancelled in the event of rain or inclement weather

15. A Miracle League coach cannot coach another Miracle League team.

16. Each team has a Coach, Assist. Coach and a Team mom.

17. An umpire covers each game to call players safe on first and home.

18. Coaches are to huddle the children before the start of each game. (In order to get the
players excited about the game).

19. Reminder that the Buddies are there for three reasons: to protect the player, assist
the players, and for encouragement.

A scholarship fund is available for players who are not able to pay the registration fee.

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